Emily + David | Water for Elephants

I love any opportunity where a session allows me the freedom to get as creative as I possibly can. Emily contacted me a month or so in advance to discuss the details for setting up a couples session for her and her boyfriend, David. Mentioning their mutual love for the film/book “Water for Elephants,” She asked if it would be possible to incorportate this into their shoot. As always, my mind took off imagining how amazing of a challenge this would be. Seeing as the setting of the story involved the circus, and more importantly an elephant–I was determined to incorporate that into this shoot. I spent weeks researching composite photoshop techniques, downloading free film textures (shout out to Brooke Shaden!), even going so far as to research the specific species of elephant featured in the film (which if you didn’t know–is an Asian Elephant!)
Emily and I kept in touch as the month went by, picking and choosing what outfits would work best for what. When the day finally arrived we chose a spot outside of my downtown apartment where the tracks came to a complete end and an old abandoned train car was parked. Emily and David looked as if they had stepped right out of the 1930s, it was perfect!
After we got the shots we needed at the tracks we traveled to Maple Lane Farms in Johnson City for the second half of their session where we did a more natural set up of just the two of them being themselves. Their true love for one another was so inspiring to witness and I really believe it shows in these photos.

Check out the photos below and leave a comment letting me know what you think!

xx Kalani

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